Medical Reimbursements Change Under New Rules

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The National Health Security Office (NHSO) has adjusted reimbursement claims for COVID-19 outpatients with mild symptoms following the Department of Medical Services’ decision to adopt new treatment guidelines.

From last Tuesday, people who test positive during rapid screening but have no symptoms or underlying health conditions will be treated as outpatients and told to self-isolate at home. The department comes under the Ministry of Public Health.

COVID-19 patients with symptoms, high-risk health problems or who cannot isolate at home will enter hotel, hospitel or community isolation facilities without taking an RT-PCR test to confirm the result.

According to the NHSO, reimbursement claims for outpatients told to self-isolate will be divided into two portions — 1,000 baht for consultation, medication, follow-ups and referral services and 300 baht for medical advice and treatment after 48 hours.

Those who do not meet the criteria for the more relaxed measures will be reimbursed for RT-PCR, antibody and antigen tests as well as any other medications to a maximum of 7,200 baht.

Patients given care at external facilities can expect reimbursement of 4,000 baht for a six-day treatment programme.

However, once the duration of care reaches seven or more days, that sum rises to 8,000 baht.

Reimbursements for in-patients will be made in line with diagnosis-related group rules while other associated medical costs will be absorbed but capped at 7,200 baht.