Mekong River & Yom River Water Levels Rising – Locals Warned to Take Precautions

Mekong River Rising Water Levels

NAKHON PHANOM: The water level in the Mekong river is rising steadily and people living along its banks at this northeastern border province have been advised to take precautions against possible overflowing.

On Monday morning, water in the Mekong river was about 9 metres high, 4m below the spill-over level of 13m. The level is rising at 20-30 centimetres per day.

Provincial authorities have warned people living along the Mekhong river bank in Ban Phaeng, Tha Uthen, Muang and That Phanom districts, as well as along four main streams emptying into the Mekong, to move their belongings and animals to higher grounds if heavy rain persists.

Farmers raising fish in baskets in the Mekong river and its tributaries have been told to watch for sudden deaths of the fish due to the change in water conditions and damage caused to the baskets by the strong current, to minimise losses.

PHICHIT: Irrigation officials in Phichit have begun flood mitigation procedures as the runoff-surge in the rain-swollen Yom River moves downstream into the province

Provincial irrigation office chief Amnart Inthawongkaew said on Monday that sluice gates were being opened to feed water into all canals as the level of the Yom continued to rise.

The flood is moving downstream from Sukhothai and Phitsanulok into Phichit, boosted by regular downpours in the upper northern region since last week.

On Sunday, the river overflowed its banks in Sukhothai’s Muang district around dawn and residents scrambled to move their belongings to safe places. “It was scary because the current was very strong,” Chalao Saengklom of Moo 1 said.

The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department said on Monday that flooding was reported in 553 villages in 10 northern provinces. Phrae and Nan were the worst affected.

In Nan, the floodwater level in Wieng Sa district was dropping on Monday after the Yom River burst its banks over the weekend.