Men arrested for involvement in stolen cabbage smuggling ring in Mae Hong Son

Four men were arrested Monday, June 24 following the theft of approximately four tons of cabbages from a Hmong village farm in Mae Hong Son.

The grand theft cabbage case occurred in Ban Pang Tong, Moo 3 Mae Ukho, Khun Yuam District over several days leading up to the arrests.

In a case of organized cabbage crime, the man behind the theft, Mr. Somchat Kamoldert, 29, hired a number of Burmese workers to pick the cabbage at night, paying them 1 baht per kilogram for the cabbages they picked. He then organized for the cabbage to be transported to an illicit cabbage storage warehouse in Ban Thung Ruang Thong in Mae La Noi District.

Police made the arrests as Mr. Kamoldert was on-selling the illegal cabbage to others for 4 baht a kilogram.

The illicit cabbage buyers arrested included Mr. Patipat Sikumklao, 22,  Mr. Ronnachai Khampo, 26 and Mr. Yosoke Yoksangdao, 41.

Police charged all four men for their involvement in the theft and smuggling of the cabbage and are warning farmers to guard their crops.