Meth Seized in Australia Originated From Thailand

Meth Hidden in Coconut Cans

Two western Sydney residents have been arrested after 600 litres of methamphetamine hidden in coconut milk cans was seized. The drugs originated in Thailand.

Australian Federal Police (AFP) conducted a controlled delivery of the cans to a warehouse in Girraween, NSW, where a 29-year-old woman and 20-year-old man were arrested after receiving the shipment.

They were each charged with attempting to possess a commercial quantity of an illegal drug. The pair appeared at the Sydney Central Local Court and were refused bail. They are due to reappear in November.

In August, Australian Border Force (ABF) members examined airfreight cargo containing 86 boxes of coconut milk cans after it arrived in Sydney from Thailand.

Liquid from one can was tested and returned a positive result for methamphetamine, sparking the AFP investigation.

Detective Superintendent Geoffrey Turner commented: “Only a well-resourced organised crime syndicate would be able to finance and facilitate an importation of this scale.”