Ministry Postpones 4,000 Baht Handouts One Day After Announcing Dates

Labour Minister Thailand Suchart Chomkin
Labour Minister Suchart Chomkin.

One day after revealing the registration dates for employees of private firms to receive part of the 4,000-baht financial relief package, Labour Minister Suchart Chomklin said the dates have been postponed for about a week.

On Saturday he said he had received confirmation from the Finance Ministry and Krungthai Bank about the timing and procedures. The registration at www.ม33เรารักกัน.com will instead be held on 21st February – 7th March.

The bank will verify applicants between 8th-14th March and the approved applicants must confirm via the “Pao Tang” app between 15th-21st March.

They will get 1,000 baht weekly from 22nd March – 12th April and will be able to spend the money until the end of May.

On Friday, he announced the registration would be held from 16th-28th February.

The COVID-19 financial relief package would be given to private employees covered by Section 33 of the Social Security Act (SSA) and who do not hold a state welfare card.

Their savings must not exceed 500,000 baht, regardless of fund investments, bonds or Government Savings Bank lottery contributions.

The scheme, called Mor33 Rao Rak Kan, will cost the government about 40 billion baht.