Missing Chiang Rai woman with Alzheimer’s found in China after walking there

A Chiang Rai woman suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease has turned up in China eight months after going missing.

Mrs. Kaewmanee Ajor, 59, went missing from her home in July with no sign of her until she was picked up by Chinese police wandering along a highway in the city of Kunming, 629 kilometers as the bird flies north.

More remarkably, however, Mrs. Ajor is believed to have walked to Kunming, a distance of 1,002 kilometers by road.

It’s not clear from reports how she managed to cross two borders with no passport although is she reported to have been carrying her Thai ID card.

Upon detention, Chinese police advised the Thai Consulate-General Office in Kunming who subsequently contacted the woman’s daughter, Miss. Suchada Ajor, 35, in Chiang Rai.

With the assistance of both the Consular General as well as the Thai Foreign Affairs Department, passports were urgently organized.

In a nice twist, police also donated money to Miss Ajor (junior) to fly to China to collect her mother.

Mrs. Ajor (senior) returned to Chiang Rai yesterday, Feb. 14.