Monk arrested for attempted murder in Saraphi

A monk has been arrested on a warrant relating to his attempt to kill a man over an unpaid paid.

Mr. Sittipop Samsun, 31 was arrested after stabbing a man in San Kamphaeng five times after an argument ensued over a debt the victim owed the monk Sept. 18.

The arrest itself occurred in Saraphi this morning (Sept. 25) where the monk was staying in a joint operation involving Sarahpi, San Kamphaeng and Provincial District 5 police.

According to Thai language media, the monk was legitimately ordained at Wat Makham Ban, San Kamphaeng some time ago although it’s not clear whether he was in active Wat service at the time of the incident.

Footage of the arrest does show Samsum wearing monk gear, however.

He has been charged with attempted murder or more precisely “trying to kill another person.”