Monk arrested for stealing money from Hang Dong Wat

A monk has been arrested for burglary after he stole money raised in merit-making ceremonies from a Wat in Hang Dong.

Mr. Phra Panupong is accused of stealing money, believed to be around 200,000 baht, from Wat Ban Pong in Moo 3 Ban Pong on Sept. 23.

CCTV footage shows Mr. Panupong, dressed in his monk robes, entering the room where the money was stolen then quickly departing, cash in hand so to speak.

Investigations show that Panupong has been an ordained monk for four years but it’s not clear from reports exactly what his relationship was with the Wat he burgled.

Mr. Panupong has been remanded in custody pending a court hearing and has also been disrobed as a monk.