Monk arrested in Surat Thani on Chiang Mai child sex abuse allegations

A 50-year-old monk was arrested at a wat in Surat Thani in Thailand’s south yesterday, July 11 on child sex abuse allegations in Chiang Mai.

Phra Teeradech Khajornsuk was arrested on a warrant issued by the Chiang Mai Provincial in 2016 that alleged he molested a boy under the age of 15, raped a minor over the age of 15 and created child pornography while he served in a wat in Mae Taeng in 2013.

He had previously been found guilty of committing lewd acts and raping boys aged between 14-16 during his time in Mae Taeng and had served prison time for the offenses, the new arrest relating to additional offenses.

Despite being defrocked the first time around, Phra Khajornsuk returned to the monkhood upon his release.

He is reported to be in the process of being extradited to Chiang Mai for a court hearing.