Monk found after being lost in Sri Lanna National Park for two days

A monk has been found in Sri Lanna Park, Mae Taeng after being lost for two days.

The monk, Mr. Phra Krisadayuth Kittithammo, 28 from Bangkok said he had set off to hike to a Lisu village on Feb. 23 but could not remember the way, getting lost in the process.

He said he then attempted to find a high hill to get a telephone signal to call for help.

His condition was described as “languishing” as he had taken no food or water with him and had spent the night alone in the park but otherwise well enough stand and discuss becoming lost with rescuers.

Park authorities asked tourists to inform park staff if they are going trekking in the park to prevent becoming lost. Apparently, this isn’t the first time people have become lost within the boundaries of the park.