Mother stabs son to death following dispute over money in Chang Moi

A 50-year-old mother has stabbed her son to death following a dispute over money in Chang Moi yesterday, Jan. 22.

The incident occurred in a shop selling meatballs on Wang Sing Kham Road at around 5:30 p.m.

The victim, Mr. Chatchai Khanathansaeng, 30 is said to have been unemployed with a drug and alcohol problem.

Apparently, Mr. Khanathansaeng regularly asked his mother, Mrs. Preeya for money. When refused money Mr. Khanathansaeng often took a knife to his throat and threatened to kill himself until money was handed over.

Mr. Khanathansaeng has already obtained 1,000 baht from his mother Tuesday morning then returned to the shop the same afternoon, drunk, demanding more money, complete with threatening to kill himself with a knife.

Mrs. Preeya is described as having snapped, grabbing the knife from her son and stabbing him in the stomach, resulting in his death.

She has been detained by police with charges to follow.

Image: Thairath