Mother with small child arrested for drug running in Chiang Dao

A 26-year-old mother with a 7-month-old child has been arrested in Chiang Dao after she was discovered to be transporting yaba.

Ms. Na Fu, a stateless national, was discovered with her child and 800 yaba tablets during a checkpoint inspection of a bus she was traveling, on Chiang Mai – Fang Road in Mueang Na sub-district.

Ms. Fa confessed, telling police that she was transporting the drugs to Chiang Mai and that she needed the money as her husband had left her.

Interestingly, she said that she had acquired 4 bags of drugs (200 in each bag) for 12,000 baht in total and that she intended to sell them to teenagers in Mae Rim for around 40,000 in total.

She has been charged with drug trafficking.