MPs Look At Legalising Prostitution

Prostitution In Bangkok

The Thai Civilised Party wants to form a House committee to study the possibility of legalising prostitution in Thailand.

It believes the legalisation of the world’s oldest profession could be a way of curbing the problem of state officials demanding bribes from people in the sex trade, which is illegal.

Despite having anti-human trafficking laws in place, prostitution in reality still exists in Thailand and sees a number of state officials demanding bribes from people in the flesh trade, Pakaorn Chantarakana, a deputy party leader said yesterday.


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If Thailand legalises prostitution, not only will the more than 500,000 prostitutes benefit from their occupation being recognised under law, but money that certain corrupt state officials would otherwise gain could become state revenue in the form of tax, she said.

Meanwhile, night workers from across the country gathered at Government House on Wednesday to call upon Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to provide financial relief to those in their sector affected by the pandemic.

The workers, led by the Empower Foundation, said their sector has suffered from lockdown measures, but no relief measures have been provided. The protesters — coined the “high heel mob” — said workers from nightclubs, bars, and other venues have not made money since the COVID-19 pandemic began two years ago.


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