MRTA gives green light to the construction of Chiang Mai transit system

The Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand has finally given the final green light to the construction of a Chiang Mai transit system.

Described by the MRTA as a train system but previously described as a light-rail system, the project will be allocated 82 billion baht for the initial construction of three lines running a total of 35 kilometers.

  • 1. Red Line 12.54 km running from Nakorn Ping Hospital to Big C Hang Dong via Mae Rim Road, west side of the moat and Hang Dong Road.
  • 2. Green Line 11.92 km running from Chiang Mai International Airport to Meechok Plaza via Mahidol Road, Chang Klan Road and Keaw Nawarat Road
  • 3. Blue Line 10.45 km. Chiang Mai Zoo to Promenada Mall via Suthep Road., south end of the moat and Nawarat Road.

The system will consist of above ground and underground sections although where each are was not made clear.

The MRTA said that they are in the process of hiring project consultants which should be in place this year and will open the construction to tender no later than 2020. The red line will be built first followed by the green then blue lines with a final completion date of 2026.

Government funding for the project was given last year with MRTA approval now being the final green light for the project to proceed.