Municipality warns the sale of high-pressure water guns is illegal

With Songkran later this week, the Mueang Chiang Mai Municipality is warning that the sale of high-pressure water guns is illegal.

The warning comes via Deputy Mayor Mr. Natthachudet Wiriyadiloktham who traveled with municipal officers to inspect shops selling water guns in Kad Luang this morning, April 9.

An illegal high-pressure water gun is defined under Thai law to have “cylinder characteristics” that provide “comprehensive strength of the water directly in the cylinder which may be harmful to Songkran water players.”

During the inspection of water gun sellers, which found nothing untoward, a seller, Mrs. Tassanee Chotwong, 28 told Thai media that sale of water guns so far this year had been on the “sluggish side…likely due to economic problems.”

The maximum penalty for selling high powered water guns is a maximum of a 1 million fine and/or up to 10 years in jail.

Photo: TNNThailand