Murder suspected in case of missing Australian man and Thai wife in Phrae

Police and emergency services workers are searching land in Phrae after blood was found in a house owned by a missing Australian man and his Thai wife.

Mr. Alan Hogg along with his Thai wife Mrs. Nott Suddaen, both 61, were reported missing by relatives yesterday, Sept. 20.

Police visited the house the pair lived in at Moo 6 Chorhae, Mueang Phrae and found blood that someone had attempted to wash away without success. Further investigation found a recently dug patch of ground near the house but upon investigation no bodies were found buried.

A vehicle owned by the couple was missing from the scene although notably mobile phones belonging to the couple were found still on charge in the house itself.

According to reports, the wife has a brother who lives nearby who she often argued with but the man denied any knowledge of the couple’s disappearance.

The search continues today.