Myanmar Migrants Arrested for Illegal Entry in Mae Sai & Mae Sot Districts

Mae Sot Border

In Chiang Rai, immigration police arrested two Myanmar migrants, a 53-year-old man, identified as Toon Saenvee, and a 54-year-old woman, known only as Hian, for illegal entry in Mae Sai district.

The couple told officials that they paid an agent 3,000 baht per person to help them enter Thailand, as they wanted to visit their daughter and seek work at a longan farm in Chiang Mai.

Another eight illegal migrants from Myanmar were arrested as they were crossing the Moei River into Tak yesterday.

The arrests were carried out by a joint force consisting of soldiers and officials from Mae Sot district, which lies near the Thai-Myanmar border. Authorities said the arrests were part of an operation to monitor illegal crossings from Myanmar, following reports of a spike in COVID-19 cases.


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Thawatchai Orn-sarn, Mae Sot district chief, said guards on patrol saw spotted the eight migrants crossing the Moei River. As soon as they stepped on Thai soil, they were arrested and taken to the local public health office, where they were tested for COVID-19.

All of them tested negative, but they were detained separately from other inmates, pending immediate repatriation, Mr Orn-sarn said yesterday.

One of the migrants, Sor Hoo Tai, 23, was quoted telling officials that they were jobless and needed to cross the river to find work in Thailand.

He said they had paid an agency 16,000 baht per person to help them cross into Thailand and they were told a Thai agent would come and pick them up.


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