Myanmar teens arrested for multiple burglaries in Haiya

Two Myanmar teenagers have been arrested in relation to multiple burglaries in the area around the Kad Kom Market in Haiya.

The pair, known only as Nikom (no surname), 15 and Soming (also no surname), 16 were tracked by police using CCTV after complaints by locals of homes and businesses being broken into late at night.

Upon being arrested, the pair confessed, saying that they would visit the area and identify targets where they would not be seen. Upon stealing items in each burglary they would then offload them at a pawn shop in Chang Phueak. Notably, one of the teens told police that the most recent break-ins were due to him having no money and wanting to buy his girlfriend a gift for Valentine’s Day.

They’ve been charged with the “burglary of a residence at night while using a vehicle for the convenience of wrongdoing,” receiving stolen goods and entering the Kingdom without permission.

They’ve been detained in custody pending for investigation and legal action.

Photo: CM Police/Chiang Mai News