NACC Launches New App to Raise Public Awareness of Corruption in Thailand

Watch and Voice System Network

The Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) has developed a “watch and voice” system network and the “WE STRONG” application in an effort to raise public awareness of corruption issues.

The development will expand NACC’s anti-corruption networks at the national level through the use of social networks and social media as major mechanisms to build public support for the fight against corruption.

The public may enter the WE STRONG system through the website and download this application on both Android and IOS smartphones. The WE STRONG application also provides information about anti-corruption campaigns and activities, as well as an e-learning corner and a web-board.

In the initial stage, NACC staff have been urged to apply for membership of the WE STRONG network, which is a channel to promote the participation of the people’s sector in online anti-corruption campaigns and activities.

This mechanism will also be adopted for knowledge exchange in workshops among members of STRONG groups in the four regions of the country.

NACC has encouraged the establishment of STRONG groups in various communities nationwide to mobilize efforts to prevent and suppress corruption, under the STRONG model – Sufficient, Transparent, Realize, Onward, Knowledge, and Generosity.

Source: PR Thai Government