Naked man attacks pickup truck in Lampang

A man quite possibly under the influence of drugs attacked a pickup truck while naked in Lampang yesterday, July 21.

The naked pickup truck attack occurred opposite Wat Thung Ku Dai in Pong Saen Thong, Mueang Lampang.

The naked man, named only as Mr. Ton, 22 had been spotted by locals rambling on the road near the Wat naked prior to the pickup truck attack. After being asked to put clothes on by locals, Mr. Tan became upset and subsequently attacked a passing pickup truck, damaging its windscreen.

Police were called to the scene and took 20-minutes to subdue him. During that time, Mr. Tan, in a psychotic state, is alleged to have said that he had been taking yaba daily.

He was initially taken to Keelang Nakorn Police Station before later being transferred to Lampang Hospital for a psychiatric assessment.

Photo: Sanook