Naked Woman Angers Chiang Mai Locals at Sacred Shrine

Naked Woman Angers Locals in Chiang Mai

Local Thais are angry with a foreign woman who stripped off and climbed naked on to a balcony at a sacred shrine in Chiang Mai.

Many passers-by and motorists filmed the woman at the San Jao Phor Pratu gate and the incident was widely viewed and shared on social media.

The woman, aged between 20-30, was taken away by rescue workers at about 9 pm.

Earlier in the evening the same woman had tried to jump from the Nakhon Ping bridge into the Ping River but was stopped.

Witnesses said she may have been intoxicated.

She then picked up a Thai flag decorating the bridge and wrapped herself in it.

She threw another flag into the river and walked around the downtown area raising her middle finger.

After the incident at the shrine, a local hospital was called and rescue workers attended the scene.

Thai locals in the area called for apologies to the spirits and a ceremony to assuage bad karma.