New! Chiang Rai Man Tests Positive for COVID-19 after Visiting Chiang Mai – Includes Timeline

COVID 19 Test

A 28-year-old Chiang Rai man who spent time with a woman in Phayao who got infected with COVID-19 after returning from Myanmar’s Tachilek town has tested positive for the coronavirus disease and become a new local infection case.

On Thursday evening, Chiang Rai public health chief Thotsathep Boonthong confirmed the new COVID-19 case.

Dr Boonthong presented a timeline of the new local case, a 28-year-old man.

On 28th November, three friends, all of whom were later found infected and received treatment in Phayao and Chiang Mai provinces, came to his room in Chiang Rai around
1 pm after returning from Tachilek. They stayed overnight with him. In the evening of that day, the man went to work at a restaurant as usual.

Next morning, he and the three friends stayed in the room.

Around 5 pm, they went to Farm Festival at Singha Park and stayed there until 11 pm. They later visited a nightspot in Chiang Rai province and stayed there until 5 am of the next day.

On 30th November, the four people left for Chiang Mai by private car around noon.

On 1st December, he returned to Chiang Rai by public transport around 8 am. In the evening, he went to work at the restaurant as usual.

On 2nd December, he learned that his Phayao friend got infected with COVID-19. He then took a COVID-19 test at a private hospital and the result showed he tested positive. He later sought treatment at a public hospital in Chiang Rai.

The patient was a close friend of the infected 28-year-old native of Phayao province who worked at the 1G1 Hotel entertainment venue in Tachilek.


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