New Gen Airways dumps Chiang Mai – Korat route due to lack of demand

A recently founded airline by the name of New Gen Airways that started flying various domestic and international routes last year has ceased flying between Korat (Nakhon Raschima) and Chiang Mai International Airport due to a lack of demand.

The route, which was launched in December using a Boeing 737-400 aircraft, along with another route for the company, Don Muang (Bangkok) to Korat, promised great things when launched but apparently, issues with Nakhon Rachima airport are cited by the airline as driving poor use of the service. Issues with the airport are said to include it only opening during scheduled flight times as well as lacking transportation from the airport into Korat city itself.

The airline itself continues to operate a range of charter flights between other Thai airports and 30 destinations in China.

Image: Newgen Airways