New high score as Korean man charged 160,000 baht by Chang Klan karaoke bar

A South Korean man has gone to Chiang Mai Police after a Chang Klan karaoke bar presented him with a bill for 160,000 baht.

Mr. Jeong Guenbok, 46 said he attended the karaoke bar on Chang Klan Road where had ordered a number of drinks while also buying drinks for a number of girls who kept him company, but likewise came nowhere close to running up a bill that large.

The karaoke shop claimed that his did but agreed to hand Mr. Geunbok 60,000 baht in an attempt to settle the matter, bringing in his bill down to a still staggering 100,000 baht, however, Mr. Geunbok refused the amount offered.

Mr. Geunbok has filed a formal complaint against the establishment and has enlisted the assistance of the South Korean embassy in his complaint.

Karaoke bars are infamous in Chiang Mai for ripping off tourists but bills of 10,000 or sometimes 20,000 baht are more common versus 160,000 baht.