New Tests & Requirements for Big Bike Riders

Big Bikes

The Land Transport Department has issued new criteria for big bike riders in Thailand, saying they must bring medical certificates with them when applying for a driving licence.

On Wednesday, deputy director-general of the department, Yongyut Nakdaeng said on the ministerial regulation on the application, issuance and renewal of driving licences requires big bike riders to have more training and tests.

Medical certificates for driving licence application and renewal must prove that the driver does not have congenital diseases or symptoms that medical professionals deem unsafe for riding.

The department would work with the Medical Council of Thailand to define the diseases or symptoms that big bike riders must prove they don’t have, Mr Nakdaeng said.

Apart from the prohibited diseases in the old regulation, new prohibited diseases which are being considered are epilepsy, diabetes, high blood pressure, bipolar disorder, autism and a height of fewer than 90 centimetres.

The medical certificates will be applicable for the application and renewal of all types of driving licences, for personal cars, motorcycles and public vehicles.

The ministerial regulation on the application, issuance and renewal of driving licences will come in to effect on 19th February 2021.

The deputy director-general said big bike riders would have to present a health certificate when they renew their licences since their physical fitness deteriorates as they age. They might have diseases or other health conditions that prevent them from riding a big bike safely, he said.

Training and tests for big bike riders were being formulated, he said.

The government stepped up rules as the vehicles presented a high risk of road accidents, he said.


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