NHSO Lowers COVID-19 Treatment Subsidies

COVID-19 Testing Kit

The National Health Security Office (NHSO) has announced the newly lowered rates of reimbursement it is offering healthcare facilities that treat patients infected with COVID-19, adding it plans to provide the public with more free antigen test kits in the future.

The new rates were approved by the NHSO’s board on 7th February and will apply to five areas of healthcare as well as related services, Jadej Thammatacharee, the office’s secretary-general, said yesterday.


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The first relates to the cost of providing care to patients with mild or no symptoms either at home or in their community. The NHSO will pay a single rate of 12,000 baht per person for care, including three meals a day, for cases that last seven days or longer, he said.

For shorter time frames, the rate is capped at 8,000 baht, he noted.

The second pertains to lab-based testing services. The NHSO will pay 250-350 baht to help cover the cost of providing a “professional” antigen test kit (ATK) instead of 300-400 baht at present.

The new reimbursement rates for RT-PCR tests will be 900-1,100 baht, down from 1,300-1,500 baht, Dr Thammatacharee said.

For patients with moderate to severe symptoms, facilities will receive 550 baht instead of 600 baht for each set of personal protective equipment (PPE) they supply to workers handling infected patients.

Fourth, the NHSO will now reimburse 55 baht for each test-at-home ATK kit the healthcare units either provide or use on patients, he said.

The NHSO will also now offer a single reimbursement rate of 1,900 baht per day for patient transfer in lieu of the standard ambulance service, he said.


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