No Indian COVID-19 Strain Found In Thailand

Indians In Thailand

The Public Health Ministry has confirmed there is no Indian strain of COVID-19 spreading across the country.

Dr Rungrueng Kitphati, the ministry’s spokesman, said on Saturday lab results have ruled out a link.

Social media carried unconfirmed reports that eight Thai students who recently returned from India had been found to have the new variant.

Thailand has banned all Indians and other foreigners arriving from India from entering the country due to the severe coronavirus crisis there.

Later this month, 3 repatriation flights from India will fly to Thailand on, 8th, 15th, and 22nd May.

70 Thai passengers will be on board on 8th May, 60 Thais on board on 15th May. No Thais have reported to authorities yet to return on the 22nd May flight.

The Immigration Bureau reported earlier this week that 602 Indians entered Thailand via Suvarnabhumi airport from 1st – 20th April 2021.