Noodle shop owner backtracks over Grab Food theft, rider was legit

A noodle shop owner who took to social media last week to accuse a man of pretending to be a fake Grab Food driver and stealing food from her shop has taken back the story and apologized after it turned out the man she accused was a legitimate Grab Food driver picking up a legitimate order.

Parisa Fai claimed on Facebook that the man, who was not wearing a Grab uniform, had taken off with the food despite there being no Grab Food order in their system.

The man, having spotted himself on Facebook and in media reports, presented himself at a police station where he provided proof that he was a Grab Food driver and was picking up a legitimate order.

The noodle shop owner is now blaming Grab for the mix up be it that she seemingly hadn’t actually checked with Grab to begin with. She noted that she sincerely “hopes that all parties will end the phenomenon” and that “there will be no further acts that will cause damage to the store and related parties.”

Photo: Parisa Fai/Guru Chiang Mai