Officials inspect strawberries on Doi Inthanon after complaints of ‘defective’ produce

Senior officials from Chom Thong District visited Doi Inthanon yesterday, Dec. 2 to inspect strawberries after complaints emerged online that the produce being sold was “defective.”

Described in some Thai language reports as “strawberry drama,” the inspection occurred after a user posted a picture of strawberries purchased at the Hmong Market at the foot of Doi Inthanon to Facebook showing that the strawberries they had purchased were damaged with heavy markings consistent with either water or insects.

The inspection, lead by Mr. Sutin Chantham, Chom Thong District Chief found that there were many grades of strawberries at the Hmong Market ranging in price depending on their size and quality.

While noting that the allegations on social media may be due to a misunderstanding by the buyer that there are different prices and grades, officials warned sellers to fix prices clearly and explain the differences between the different grades. Doing so “would prevent the situation happening again and prevent damage to tourism in the area” officials are quoted as saying.

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Posted by คนล้านนา on Monday, December 2, 2019

Photo: Konlannanews