One dead as truck hits motorcycle on Superhighway in Lamphun

One man has died after being hit by a truck on the Superhighway in Lamphun this morning Oct. 3.

The accident happened through the roadworks on Ban Pratu Kong, Ban Klang, Mueang Lamphun near the intersection of Highway 1147.

According to reports, the deceased man was 25, originally from Wiang Pa Pao in Chiang Rai and was a company employee in the Lamphun Industrial Estate.

It’s not entirely clear how the accident took place other than somehow he’s been hit by a 10-wheel truck through the roadworks. There’s no sign of the truck itself in the pictures from the scene meaning it may have been a hit and run or perhaps the truck driver didn’t realize he had hit the motorcycle and had driven off.

The number of traffic accident through the Superhighway roadworks is now probably too long to count and the accidents occurring multiple times a week.

Photo: Lamphun Rescue/Chiang Mai News