One person shot in dispute between rival youth groups in Hang Dong

One person has been shot in a dispute between rival youth groups in Hang Dang early this morning, April 5.

The dispute and subsequent shooting occurred in Moo 7 Ban Kung, Nong Khwai just after midnight.

Reports are not entirely clear but apparently, a rival “youth group” from Saraphi arrived at an event in Nong Khwai where words were exchanged and bottles were thrown until a gun made an appearance.

Friends of the shot man, Mr. Natthakit Lungdee, 17, told police that the man who fired the gun is known as “Mr. Ice” but did not know his actual name.

Lt. Col. Wichianchai Chomphuwisu from Hang Dong Police told Thai media that they were still interviewing witnesses to the shooting, of which there were at least a few dozen, as well as looking at CCTV footage.

The Lt. Col. noted that the two groups have had issues with each other in the past.