Online Alcohol Sales Ban Announced

Online Alcohol Sales Ban

The Royal Gazette announced yesterday, 8th September that online alcohol sales via websites, social media and other electronic channels will be prohibited.

The announcement, signed by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, stated that due to the popularity of e-commerce, some entrepreneurs opted to sell alcoholic beverages via electronic channels, making it difficult to control the date, time, venue and target groups buying alcohol to be in compliance with the legal limit as stated in the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act BE 2551.


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After getting advice from the National Alcoholic Beverage Policy Committee, the Prime Minister announced that sales or “other actions” related to the selling of alcoholic beverages via electronic channels will be prohibited.

This includes direct selling, persuading, introducing the product or related services via electronic channels that enable sellers and consumers to complete a sale without physically meeting.

This prohibition does not include the selling and paying for alcoholic beverages via electronic methods at bars, shops, restaurants or establishments that serve alcohol.

The ban will take effect within 90 days of it being announced in the Royal Gazette.


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