Online Gambling Den Raided – Thai & Foreign Nations Arrested

Online Gambling Raid

Over a dozen Thai and foreign nationals were arrested for their alleged involvement in an online gambling operation at a fifth-floor condominium unit in Narathiwat’s Sungai Kolok district.

Officers from the Crime Suppression Division raided the condo after receiving a tip-off, and 16 people were arrested, including suspected managers Krairit Likhitpanichkul and Kiattisak Sittiseth.

According to police, Mr Likhitpanichkul and Mr Sittiseth were sitting in front of laptops with screens displaying accounts worth 388 million baht. Officers suspect the money was accumulated over the past month or so and was eventually to be transferred to a Malaysian host.

Police also found about MYR14,500 (108,402 baht) in cash meant to cover operational costs.

One suspect reportedly told police he received 700 baht per day working as an administrator.

Mr Likhitpanichkul told police he was an administrator who managed a WeChat group created to stream live gambling sessions, such as Baccarat, to players online.

The suspects said they used laptops to record financial transactions when players make bets and make sure the live feed is updated.

Police said they searched a room where they found a gambling table and 300 cards. The 16 were charged with gambling and holding an illegal gathering during the coronavirus outbreak.