Outrage as women claims to have got off drunk driving charge with discounted payment

Thai social media is outraged after a woman claimed to have got off a drunk driving charged with a discounted payment in Chiang Mai.

The young woman claimed that “drunk driving, don’t have to go to court, plus discounts” while standing outside of Phuping Vajanivej (sometimes spelled Rajaniwet) Police Station on Huaykaew Road in Chang Phueak.

The woman claims that she was originally asked to pay 8,000 baht to settle the matter but had managed to walk away after only paying a “discounted” rate of 3,000 baht.

Colonel Ronachai Rodloi, head of the police station, said that they are preparing to investigate the matter and intended on talking to the woman who made the post. He added that if the claim is verified as being not true, they would charge her is it has caused the police to suffer “damage and misunderstandings.”

Interestingly, the police station claims to have arrested eight people for drunk driving June 27, when the woman claims to have been caught but according to their records all eight people arrested were men and had since been processed and sent to court.

Image: Sanook