Over 1M yaba tablets seized following latest shootout in Chiang Dao

Royal Thai Army officers and police have seized over one million yaba tablets following a shootout with drug runners in Chiang Dao this morning, Dec. 27.

Army officers were on patrol in Ban Arunothai, Tambon Ping Khong two kilometers from the Myanmar border when they came across 15-20 people with backpacks walking through the area.

After demanding that the men surrender, the drug mules instead opened fire resulting in a shootout that lasted around 10 minutes.

The drug mules successfully fled the scene with the soldiers subsequently discovering 15 separate backpacks.

Within the backpacks they found 1.1 million yaba tablets, several bottles full of powered amphetamine, several cartons of smuggled cigarettes, an AK47 bullet, a revolver and a small amount of cash.