Over 3,000 New COVID-19 Cases In Chiang Mai

COVID Meeting Chiang Mai
The communicable disease committee of Chiang Mai discusses the Covid-19 situation during a meeting in Chiang Mai provincial hall on Wednesday morning.

There were more than 3,000 new COVID-19 cases registered in Chiang Mai on Tuesday.

According to the communicable disease committee, RT-PCR tests confirmed infections in 361 people and antigen tests returned positive for 2,722 others.

Over the past 24 hours, there were 3,083 new cases, most of them with the Omicron variant. There was also one COVID-19-related fatality on Tuesday.


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There were new clusters of patients at workplaces, hospitals, markets, migrant workers’ camps, eateries and communities in many districts.

The most new cases confirmed with RT-PCR tests were in Muang district, followed by San Sai, Hang Dong, San Kamphaeng and Saraphi.

The largest infected group were people aged 15-25 years, followed by 25-35. Infections dropped among people under 15.

So far this year, Chiang Mai has logged 10,747 COVID-19 cases.


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