Over 500 homes inundated as flooding hits Phayao

Over 500 homes, businesses and farms have been inundated as heavy rain brought flooding to past of Phayao yesterday, July 31 and today, Aug. 1.

The worse hit area was Phra That Khing Kaeng in Chun District where the Chun River broke its banks yesterday. Floodwaters in parts of the area were described as hitting as high as 1.2 meters, cutting off Chun – Pong Road in the process.

The Royal Thai Air Force was assisting the Royal Thai Army is delivering supplies to the area as well as assisting locals with natural disaster relief.

Neighboring Na Prang in Pong District also saw flooding with some 30 homes said to be inundated with water along with a dozen homes in tambons Oi and Ngim.

The floodwaters also saw widespread power outages in the affected regions due to power poles being washed away. The Provincial Electricity Authority is said to have deployed additional staff to restore services.

As of noon Thursday, floodwaters were starting to recede but locals remain on alert. The Thailand Meteorological Department has issued a heavy rain warning as a tropical storm crosses into Vietnam from the South China Sea, potentially bring more downpours as its outer edge crosses Laos into northern Thailand at the weekend.