Pai Airport closed following incident involving Wisdom Airways aircraft

Pai Airport has been shut until Saturday, July 20 following an incident with a Wisdom Airways aircraft yesterday, July 18.

The aircraft, likely a Cessna 208B caravan given it’s the only aircraft currently in Wisdom’s fleet, came off the runway at Pai Airport at 10:48 a.m. Thursday after it blew a tire.

The plane itself was being used for training purposes with a pilot undertaking multiple landing and takeoffs at the airport during the day to be prepared for planned services to Pai during the coming cold season.

The accident occurred on the sixth practice landing involving the aircraft during the day.

The three people on board the aircraft – two pilots and one mechanic were uninjured. All three were taken to hospital for alcohol and drug testing following the accident with all three testing negative.

The airport itself is expected to reopen at 1 p.m. Saturday to allow an investigation and full inspection of the airport. The latter is due to a concern that the plane’s wheel may have struck an object on the ground while landing.