Pantip Mall Trying to Stimulate Local Economy by Allowing Vendors to Sell Products Rent-Free

Pantip shopping mall has unlocked the open area around the mall to allow vendors to sell their goods rent-free.

The Asset Corporation Group said they are allowing those affected by the COVID 19 situation to sell products free of charge in the area, hoping to stimulate the local economy and tourism in the area.

Vendors will be allowed to sell products every day in two time slots.
6am–12pm and 3pm–10pm.

The company are encouraging locals to come and enjoy a variety of organic and farm-fresh fruits and vegetables at the morning market and check out a wide range of handmade goods on sale at the evening market.

The “free to sell offer” to local vendors ends on 31st August 2020.

Interested traders should contact Pantip for more information or to reserve a stall on 053-288-383.