Phayao locals flock to lucky tree ahead of Thai Lottery draw

Locals in Phayao Province have been flocking to a tree for lucky numbers ahead of the next Thai Lottery draw April 1.

The tree in question is located on Kwan Phayao Road, Wiang, Mueang Phayao.

Described as a 100-year-old “Chamchuri tree,” known in English as a monkey pod tree, with a trunk the size of six people, the tree is said to inspire blessings for those who come for a fortune.

Locals claim that in the past, those who came to seek luck at the Chamchuri tree “always achieve more” and at times lottery numbers have also been seen in the tree trunk.

Some of the numbers the tree has predicted for the next draw include 352.

Phayao’s love of plants predicting lottery numbers is not new with a banana tree attracting crowds last month.