Phayao Province latest to buy surplus pineapples to help farmers

The Phayao Provincial Administrative Organization is the latest body to acquire pineapples from struggling farmers as a glut of pineapples continues to affect the market.

The organization dedicated one million baht to purchase 250 kilograms of pineapples at 4 baht per kilogram from farmers in five Phayao districts with the pineapples themselves to be distributed to the less well-off within the province.

Pineapple sales have struggled after a deal between pineapple farmers in Chiang Rai with traders from China fell through earlier in the year. The surplus supply of pineapples from Chiang Rai has flowed through the north, depressing prices and making it difficult to find buyers.

Chiang Rai Province was the first to step in to assist farmers when the Governor approved the purchase of 3,500 kilograms of pineapples June 23, while a group of Chiang Mai monks acquired 15,000 kilograms of pineapples June 28.