Philippino arrested at Chiang Mai language school for illegal entry

A Philippines national has been arrested after she was discovered studying at a Chiang Mai language school having illegally entered the country.

Miss. Domingo Eufemia, 58 was discovered after Chiang Mai Immigration asked to see students lists at local language schools then compared them to immigration records.

They found that Miss. Eufemia had left Thailand at the Mae Sai border crossing into Tachilek, Myanmar but there was no record of her returning to Thailand.

Miss. Eufemia admitted to police that she had been smuggled back into Thailand via “natural channels” – code for being transported across the Sai River back into Thailand outside of an official crossing. She claimed that she didn’t know that what she did was illegal and that she thought the language school would be able to work her visa out for her.

She was arrested and charged with illegally entering the country.

The announcement of her arrest was made at the same press conference in Bangkok yesterday, Nov. 19 where Immigration also announced the arrest of two begpackers in Si Phum.

The case is also notable as it would appear that Chiang Mai Immigration is currently cracking down on schools when it comes to immigration maters.

Photo: Naewna