Phra Singh cat cafe raided following complaints of animal cruelty

Police, livestock officials and representatives of Watchdog Thailand have raided a Phra Singh cat cafe after receiving animal cruelty complaints from foreign tourists.

The raid targeted the cafe on Samlan Road yesterday morning, Aug. 20.

Upon arrival, 20 cats of different “foreign” breeds were found at the location in various states of well being with some described as being in a “skinny and sick condition.”

According to Sanook, while air conditioning was on in the room where the cats were found there was no ventilation, the room smelled and ants were found in the food provided for the cats.

The manager of the cat cafe, named as Mr. Phamudet, 27 said that the cats were skinny because he kept them that way for their health, adding that children used to feed the cats and they became fat, couldn’t walk then died.

Ms Saran Chonkaphongkamonon, a spokesperson for Watchdog Thailand said that the investigation found that cats were not being kept in an appropriate manner.

The cat cafe manager has been asked to make adjustments to the care of the cats and if he fails to do so by May next year animal cruelty charges will be laid.

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Posted by WATCHDOG THAILAND on Tuesday, August 20, 2019