Ping River Drought & Flash Flood Warning

Ping River Receding Water

Receding water levels are clearly visible along Ping River, behind Pa Daet weir.

Local Farmers working downstream have expressed concerns about the water levels behind Pa Daet weir. For financial reasons, many farmers use river water for growing plants during the dry season.

Ping River Weir


Deputy Governor of Chiang Mai Province, Mr Komsan Suwanumpa revealed yesterday that there is a drought emergency declared in 15 districts including Omkoi, Chiang Dao, Mae Pa, Fang, Kalaya, Doi Lo, Mae Taeng, Doi Tao, Hang Dong, Mae Chaem, Mae Rim, Wiang Haeng, Chai Prakan, and Hot District.

Thailand’s rainy season is on the way but the government already has a plan in place to solve the problem and the Ministry of Finance has made funds available to help victims of the drought.

Mr Worapot Kunawiwattanangkul from the Northern Meteorological Center has warned that heavy rain is expected between 7 – 11th June 2020, and could cause flash flooding in some areas of Chiang Mai.