PM Drops Lawsuit After Woman Apologies For Calling Him A Reptile

Prime Minister

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has dropped a defamation lawsuit filed against a woman after she repented and apologised.

Chotika Chanidapradab reported to Nang Loeng police station on Sunday to answer the charge of defaming Gen Chan-o-cha.

Ms Chanidapradab was accused of posting on her Facebook page, which was set for public viewing, a message comparing the premier to a reptile, or sat luay klan in Thai, according to Apiwat Khanthong, executive assistant to the Prime Minister’s Office and a prime minister’s lawyer.

The derogatory message was shared on social media causing shame and damaging the prime minister’s reputation, the lawyer said.

Ms Chanidapradab posted the message on Sunday.

In the police’s daybook, the woman’s description of Gen Chan-o-cha was slanderous as reptiles are regarded by many Thais as leading a worthless existence.

Ms Chanidapradab confessed to the charge and apologised to the prime minister through the lawyer.

The woman promised not to repeat the offence and said she was glad Gen Chan-o-cha forgave her.

“I wish to convey my apologies to the prime minister for writing ill of him on my Facebook page. I’ve repented. I’ll never do it again,” she said.

Her statement was recorded as evidence.

Pol Lt Col Itthithorn Donnanchai, deputy superintendent of Nang Loeng police, said Ms Chanidapradab paid a fine of 2,000 baht.

Mr Khanthong said Gen Chan-o-cha would pursue swift legal action against anyone who defamed him.

“After this case involving Ms Chanidapradab, there will be no compromises with anyone who slanders the prime minister. We intend to take it all the way in the courts of law,” Mr Khanthong said.