Police arrest tuktuk driver who assaulted Grab driver at Arcade Bus Station

Chiang Mai Police have arrested a tuktuk driver who assaulted a Grab driver at the Arcade Bus Station in Wat Ket Monday, Oct. 1.

A video, taken by the foreign passengers in the back seat of the Grab Car, shows the tuktuk driver verbally and physically assaulting the driver before retrieving a long object, said by some reports to be a gun or a machete but believed now believed to be a “wooden stick” (the footage isn’t clear) to threaten the driver more.

Mr. Rungruj Jinaruen, 37 who ironically was wearing a “Welcome to Chiang Mai” t-shirt as he assaulted the driver, has been charged with causing a public disturbance, carrying a weapon in public and intimidating others.

Jinaruen claims that he was frustrated with the rise of unlicensed vehicles that steal passengers from him and fellow tuk-tuk drivers.

According to The Nation, Jinaruen had been arrested in August for a similar incident but it gets better – it also turns out that Jinaruen was driving the tuktuk without an appropriate license.

Yes, the tuktuk driver who was abusing the Grab driver isn’t legally licensed to provide transport services himself and he has been fined for that as well.

This being Thailand, the Grab driver was also charged with driving without proper license.

The video has gone viral in Thailand and internationally and has been widely (and rightfully) condemned with showing Chiang Mai in a seriously bad light.

This isn’t the first time a Grab driver has been assaulted. Another video taken at the same bus station at the weekend shows a Songtaew driver screaming abuse at a Grab driver who was also carrying foreign tourists.

Previous incidents have included Grab drivers being threatened outside of Chiang Mai International Airport and at the Central Festival Shopping Center.