Police involved in complaint about noisy Chinese-owned dogs in Pa Daet

Police have become involved in a complaint about noisy dogs owned by a Chinese man in Pa Daet.

The police attended a premise in Moo 2 following a complaint by Professor Kampon Laohapensang, former professor of medicine Chiang Mai University that a Chinese man renting a house had noisy dogs.

The unnamed Chinese man is alleged to have been renting the house in the area on 1 Rai of land for 100,000 baht a month since mid-last year and had three noisy “farang breeds” of dogs on the premises that are said to regularly bark at night.

Police, along with a Chinese translator, explained to the Chinese man that his farang dogs were not allowed to make loud noises that disturb villagers. They further added that if the barking wasn’t stopped, the dogs may be taken away.

Prof. Laohapensang also claimed that the dogs were a safety risk as they could jump over the fence and bite villagers although there was no evidence of this having happened.

It’s impossible from footage shared in Thai language media to ascertain the breed of the dogs but they appear to be either very light brown or golden color with the “farang dogs” appearing to be middle to large-sized dog similar to a Labrador.

Image: Khaosod