Police officer accused of murdering famous Chiang Mai University dog

A civic group is claiming that Tia, a dog famous at Chiang Mai University was murdered by a police officer.

The dog was found dead around two weeks ago with police tracing the death to a motorcyclist who had decided to take the dog for a ride. The accused claimed that Tia fell off his motorcycle and was hit by the real wheel, being killed in the process.

Chang Phueak Police did lay a charge of burglary but declined to press animal cruelty charges.

It would now appear that the accused is a police corporal.

Watchdog Thailand has filed a police complaint over the matter, claiming that the corporal intentionally killed the dog.

Given that a police officer has been accused, a committee of investigation has been set up by police headed by Border Police Division 33 to investigate the claim.

The review into the case is expected to take around one week.

Photo: CMU Tia