Police Raid House Used by Online Gambling Affiliates

Police in Region 5 raided a house used by online gambling affiliates in the Sansai district of Chiang Mai on 3rd June.

Major General Weerachon Boontawee led the raid and oversaw the arrest of Ms Ning (assumed name), 28 years old, Lampang Province, Miss Yui (Nam Tok), 32 years old, Phrae Province and Mr Boy (Namamut), 32 years old from Chiang Mai.

Police seized 3 gaming related items from a table, 2 computers, 2 mobile phones and 1 internet router.

Together they spent hours every day online trying to advertising online casino games and trying to encourage and deceive Thai’s into signing up to online gaming websites.

It is believed that the team of affiliates managed to sign-up over a thousand members to play “real money games” including, lottery, Baccarat, slots and roulette.

The suspects were arrested for breaching the Gambling Act 2478, section 12 and transferred from the house in Village 11, Pa Phai Sub- District, Chiang Mai to Region 5 Police Station on Mahidol Road.

The police are continuing their investigation.