Police raid internet cafe in San Sai for breaching coronavirus regulations

Mae Jo Police raided an internet cafe that was reported to be open in breach of coronavirus regulations last night, April 6.

The raid took place at For-U Games and Internet in Ban Nang Liao, Moo 2 Nong Chom at around 8 p.m.

On arrival, police found five young people playing online games in a normal manner. The  curtains of the cafe had been closed to prevent people passing from seeing in.

The owner of the cafe was charged with acting in violation of the Communicable Disease Commands Committee of Chiang Mai Province Order No.2 / 2020 on urgent measures to prevent the crisis from Colonia Infectious Disease 2019 and the Chiang Mai Communicable Disease Committee Order No. 7/2020 on the extension of the enforcement of the Chiang Mai Communicable Disease Committees Order.

It would appear that the young people in the cafe were simply asked to return home.

เมื่อวันที่ 6 เมษายน.2563 เวลา 20.00 น. ภายใต้การอำนวยการของนายถนอม กุยแก้ว ปลัดอำเภอหัวหน้ากลุ่มงานบริหารงานปกครอง…

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Photo: Chiang Mai Data Center